"Taylor came to the rescue! We were told our company partnership from out of town was a total of 5 when I found out 15 would be coming I panicked. I did not have the time to build a meal for 15 with a 24 hour notice. I called Taylor and she immediately soothed my nerves. She was able to find me a caterer within such a small time window and I am forever grateful for the experience she allowed all of us to have from cooking to cleaning up. We were able to have a great time without worrying about someone (aka me) not stress about anything being refilled or cleaned. Our caterer was down to earth and helpful on keeping the party flowing. We had a couple of vegetarians and vegans in the group and I was very excited to see a creation out of those dietary needs. I wasn't particularly excited to find out everything was store bought and plastic was made through our help. We are working with the United Nations on the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and creating more plastic is not something we want to perpetuate. There was no plates that were hot. Overall, I am so excited to work with Taylor's service again knowing she's got me covered from catering to childcare."


"First, as a small business owner myself I can NOT say enough about Blyss! I am a single mom with a boutique photography style business that often has odd hours. My child comes with me often but sometimes it isn't possible. Blyss takes the stress out of my child care need. While I'm working with clients my child is with a vetted person who plays games with her, read with her, helps her with homework, bakes cookies and follows all my wishes for her care. I have known the owner for over 5 years so when she decided to open this business I was one of the first to sign on the dotted line. Blyss & Co help make mine and my daughter's busy life manageable and run smooth. Thank you again!"


"Motherhood has many different stages, which come with a different set of blessings and difficulties at each and every stage. Welcoming a second child can be one of those stages that prove to be both a blessing and somewhat difficult. At least where my First child was concerned. Just under 2 years old, he wanted Nothing to do with his new brother. He screamed and cried, when I held the new baby. Threw fits when I fed the baby. Tantrums upon Tantrums. With lack of sleep and lack of family support I turned to Taylor for help. She gave me a video to watch, a few articles to read, in addition to sound advice and ecouramnet letting me know that I am not a bad mother and that this is normal. Without her assistance, and sound advice, I think I would have lost my mind.

My Husband and I do not have a great family support system. So when my son was diagnosed with asthma just under 2 years old I was sick with worry. I felt so helpless and alone when the doctor sent us home with breathing treatments that my son (scared) didn't want to sit through. I turned to Taylor for advice. She gave us songs to sing and games to play that made breathing treatment time much easier, and less stressful on both myself and my little guy. I can't tell you how hard it is to watch your baby struggle to breathe. It was wonderful to have someone to turn to for good advice and encouraging words."


"We own multiple businesses so life gets pretty busy. We have had multiple last-minute business trips this year and Blyss & Company has handled our pet's care. We have 2 birds and a large dog and the fact we can make a simple call and know our pets and home are watched by a vetted professional gives us peace to focus on business."  

Keith & Gabby

"Blyss and Company did an amazing job caring for my cats while I was on vacation, enabling me to enjoy myself to the fullest extent because of the piece of mind of knowing my cats were happy, well fed, and had some love and attention in my absence. A great service with customer friendly values and a reasonable price point!"


"Taylor has been a blessing for me. As someone who doesn’t trust a lot of people with their pets she has done a phenomenal job dog sitting for me. We are collaborating on other projects such as interior design, finding someone to clean my place and photoshoots for my business. Her company truly is a one stop shop for all my personal and business needs. "